REC USA: Alternative Lenders Roundtable

Alternative Lenders Roundtable 2024

Publishing date: 1 June 2024

REC USA’s 2024 Alternative Lenders roundtable will be published on 1st June 2024 in print and online as part of the June issue.  The issue will circulate at the CREFC Summer conference in New York.

The roundtable will sit on the website, be alerted on email and published on the REC USA LinkedIN page and the roundtable will feature some of the key participants active in the industry.

Discussion topics:

• How have the roles of alternative lenders in the RE debt market changed over the past 1, 2, and 10 years?
• How are uncertain macro-economic and geopolitical conditions affecting the growth of the US’s non-bank real estate lending industry?
• How does the presence of institutional investor debt capital, as well as traditional bank capital, change the dynamics of the market
• How are the activities of alternative lenders affecting the liquidity of debt and the terms on which debt is available? What are alternative lenders’ preferred debt products in today’s market – senior, mezzanine, whole loans?
• What type of sponsors are most likely to borrow from alternative lenders in today’s market? How is the profile of alternative lenders’ sponsor clients changing? Why do sponsors opt to borrow from alternative lenders?
• In which sectors/geographies are alternative lenders particularly active today?
• What role are alternative lenders playing in the growth of sustainable lending products? Are they leading in this area, or trailing the banks?
• What are the greatest challenges and opportunities ahead for alternative lenders?

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