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Robin Potts, co-head of real estate investments at Canyon Partners, talks with Real Estate Capital USA about navigating a period of historic volatility.
Campbell Lutyens secondaries GP led
Preferred equity investments are gaining momentum in a market where equity investors are looking for lower risk.
Real Estate Capital USA looks at why the debt markets are slowing down and when they will thaw.
Market sources believe transaction activity is unlikely to reboot until the end of Q1 2023 or later.
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Pricing to hedge floating-rate loans against climbing interest rates is soaring amid market turmoil.
A rear view of a concerned businessman as he places his hand on his head and looks up at a U.S. One Dollar bill coupled with a downward trending arrow and chart on the wall in front of him. This image illustrates the concept of a falling, or weakening U.S. dollar.
Hudson Valley Property Group continues to see liquidity from a wide range of lenders for its assets.  
The manager has been building its presence in the South Florida submarket.
The firm’s newest financing spans two loans, including $93.5m to refinance a triple-net portfolio of 14 assets across nine states. 
Modern buildings
Market players struggle to see a positive recovery for the sector, but there is opportunity to be had for the right asset and location.
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Despite concerns over rising interest rates, there is a sense in the market that these challenges can lead to opportunity and, more importantly, innovation.

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