REC USA: Debt Advisers & Servicers Report

Debt Advisers & Servicers Report

Publishing date: 1 August 2023

Real Estate Capital’s 2023 Debt Advisers & Servicers report will be sent to all subscribers in print and digital form and all content to sit on the website and LinkedIn indefinitely.


During this property cycle, debt advisers have become a feature of Europe’s real estate finance market.  Traditionally those seeking loans would turn to a relatively predictable roster of lenders.  However, since the global financial crisis, credit fund managers, insurers and private property companies have entered the financing market, and lenders have looked beyond their own borders to provide debt.  As the real estate lending market has become more diverse and exposed to external factors, debt advisers have emerged to source loans on behalf of borrowers.

High-quality, in-house, or third-party loan servicing is becoming increasingly important for borrowers, particularly given the generational challenges the commercial real estate and broader financial markets are changing. In good times, loan servicing is a perfunctory but important service. But as borrowers encounter challenges with loans in a rising rate and rising inflation environment, it’s really important for borrowers and lenders to be able to discuss options for a property that might have hit a speedbump.

The report will feature the leading figures examining the role played by advisers and servicers in today’s market and the role they look set to play going forward, as borrowers and lenders grapple with the challenges in the current economic environment crisis. Additionally, there will be sections detailing key market and sector benchmarks, case studies, statistics, and data analysis.

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