REC USA: Loan Servicers Report

Loan Servicers Report

Publishing date: 1 October 2022

REC’s 2022 Loan Servicers report will be sent to all subscribers in print and digital form and all content to sit on the website and LinkedIn indefinitely.


High-quality, in-house or third-party loan servicing is becoming increasingly important for borrowers, particularly given the generational challenges the commercial real estate and broader financial markets are changing. In good times, loan servicing is a perfunctory but important service. But as borrowers encounter challenges with loans in a rising rate and rising inflation environment, it’s really important for borrowers and lenders to be able to discuss options for a property that might have hit a speedbump. This will become even more important as properties that are out of favor, like Class B offices or retail malls, come up against loan maturities – often a servicer can be a key part of figuring out what is next for the property and maximizing value.

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