REC USA: Multifamily Roundtable

Multifamily Roundtable 

Publishing date: 1 October 2022

The US multifamily sector has been a strong performer through the covid-19 pandemic but concerns about
rising interest rates, the ability to refi nance, and the upper end of rental rates could affect the sector in 2023
and beyond. Still, the asset class remains buoyed by a severe supply-demand imbalance, particularly for
housing that is affordable.

The inaugural multifamily roundtable discussion will feature the leading industry figures active in the sector.
Participants will include lenders, borrowers and service providers offering perspective from all sides of the
asset class.

Key points of discussion will include:
• What does the pricing landscape look like in the asset class?
• On the lender side, which type of organizations are supplying fi nance to the multifamily market?
Can it be considered a liquid part of the real estate debt market?
• How are lending terms changing? Are lenders raising margins/reducing LTVs?
• Is the ESG agenda being adopted in the multifamily market?
• What is the biggest threat to the multifamily market in the coming year?
• What role do Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have in the multifamily sector?
• How is the US housing model being adopted overseas?

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