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This is the Washington-based company’s first ever credit-focused investment vehicle.
The firm detailed in a report its Q2 outlook and long-term view of the commercial real market’s return focus.
One-third of the maturing loans were made by CMBS lenders a decade ago; the report also finds transaction volume in February plunged from the previous year.
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Paradigm Advisory Group, formed by Raymond Chalme and Daniel Blanco, aims to help lenders and borrowers stabilize the value of New York’s office and residential assets.
The shift comes as borrowers and lenders think creatively about ways to finance transactions in a volatile market.  
PIMCO-backed Columbia Property Trust defaulted on $1.7bn in February.
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SVB fallout is ‘not comparable’ to regional banks' commercial real estate debt exposure, says Fed chair Jerome Powell.
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Government and bank intervention has raised questions over the future of affected real estate debt.
SVB and Signature, along with troubled bank First Republic, had been major sources of financing for many real estate managers.
Bridging short-term cash shortages, this option can help borrowers buy time. 

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